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Due to their past experiences, some cats would find sharing their forever homes with other animals stressful. At right is the legend for the icons.
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TRIAL: If an animal is listed as being “On Trial”, this means the pet is not currently available for adoption. Before potential adopters complete a full adoption of an adult pet, the Humane Society sends the pet home with them for a trial period of a week to two weeks to ensure the pet is the right fit for the home. For more information on the adoption process, please see How to Adopt.

Anika- 4 mnth old female

Sugar and spice and all things nice is what little Anika is made of. This sweet girl is heading into her awkward teen stage but don't let those gangly legs of hers fool you, she is still a playful, young kitten at heart. She is sure to keep her family entertained with her kitten antics.

Atticus- 3 mnth old male.

Little Atticus was a feisty, frightened little fellow when he first arrived. We have paired him up with some friendly kittens his age and he is learning that people aren't so bad after all. His gorgeous tabby markings and adorable little face make him irrestible!

Chelsea- Adult, spayed female.

Chelsea is a wonderful girl who is good with dogs and children. She is an empty nester and ready to be foot loose and fancy free! That little Cindy Crawford beauty mark makes her pretty hard to resist!

Sweety- Adult, spayed female

We didn't have to think about what name would give this girl as she is S-W-E-E-T as the day is long. She is quiet and loving and would love to relax calmly in your lap or in the warmth of a sunbeam.

Amber- 3 mnth old female

Remember when we told you that 80% of orange cats were male? Well this litter put that stat to the test as 2/3 of the orange cats were girls! This little miss is as sweet as pie and ready to join her forever family.

Josiah- 3 mnth old, male.

Josiah has the sweetest little face and is such a loving, playful little guy we sure hope someone snatches him up quickly. He is sharing his kennel with lots of feline friends and is the perfect age to adapt to any home.

Meagan- Adult, spayed female.

Megan is another one of our terrific tabbies lookiing for a second chance at a forever home. This girl is quiet, affectionate, and good with other cats.

Fuzzy- 4-5 mnth old, spayed female.

This little girl has "Tortitude"! Yes, that is a real thing. Torties love to talk and beg for attention. Fuzzy is no exception! You don't have to worry about overlooking her when you come to visit, she will make sure to grab your attention.

Mya- Adult, spayed female.

We were quite convinced this little diva was going to have to be adopted into a pet free home. She had catittude to spare! But after almost 3 months in our care we decided to push little Mya out of her comfort zone. Guess what? She doesn't mind dogs! Cat's....well we're working on that. Good girl Mya!

Snoopy- 2 yr. old, spayed female.

Snoopy was the beloved pet of a lovely older gentleman who was unable to keep her. He is hoping that she finds a home where the family love her as much as he did. With Snoopy's loving personality we are pretty sure that won't be a problem.

Alexa- 3 1/2 mnth old, female.

This little black beauty came in along with her brother. Both have settled in quite nicely and are looking for home's full of love, toy's and treat's. Alexa and her brother are currently hanging out at Pet Valu!

Seth- 3 1/2 mnth old, male.

How could you pass by this little man's cage? Those big, sad eyes? The little speck of white on his chin? Plus his soothing purr is something anyone would love to fall asleep too. Seth and his sister are currently hanging out at Pet Valu.

Mitsy- Young adult, female.

Mitsy came into us with a nasty little bite on her leg and an empty stomach. After a visit to the doctor's and a delicious meal she is now ready to move on. While she doesn't seem to be too sure about other cat's, which we suspect was the cause of her bite, she loves some cuddles and kisses.

Zeppa- 7 yr. old, neutered male.

To say this boy hasn't had the best of luck would not be a lie. After his owner passed away, Zeppa found himself scavenging for food on the streets. Thank goodness for the caring people of his community, who recognized him and quickly came to his aid. They began putting food out and setting up little areas for him to go in the winter to gain his trust. A year later he has made his way to us and we have made a promise to help him find his new forever home.

Charles- adult, neutered male.

Charles is a pretty chill guy. He is fairly new to the shelter and doesn't seem at all bothered by his new digs.

Doc- young adult, neutered male.

Doc is such a sweet boy! We love his colorful little nose and bright green eyes. His still plenty young enough to want to play!

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Want to walk and help the Moose Jaw Humane Society? Download the ResQWalk app. It is an app for smartphones that keeps track of how many km people walk, run or bike. The shelter then receives money from their donor pool. We love it, and we are #2 in North America for km walked! More info.

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