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Due to their past experiences, some dogs would find sharing their forever homes with other animals stressful. At right is the legend for the icons.
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TRIAL: If an animal is listed as being “On Trial”, this means the pet is not currently available for adoption. Before potential adopters complete a full adoption of an adult pet, the Humane Society sends the pet home with them for a trial period of a week to two weeks to ensure the pet is the right fit for the home. For more information on the adoption process, please see How to Adopt.
Rupert - adult neutered male Collie/Husky

They say eyes are the windows to the soul and we believe that is true. If you look into Rupert's eyes you will see kindness, love and warmth. This handsome boy has such a gentle nature matched with an enthusiasm for life and all it has to offer. If you are looking to be Rupert's partner as he explores all this world has to offer he is waiting for you. He has one request, please don't make him wait too long.

Macy - adult spayed female lab cross. Approx. weight 70 lbs.

Macy came into our care heavily pregnant and after ensuring that her litter of beautiful pups all found loving forever homes it is time for us to celebrate Macy! Being a mom came so naturally to Macy, she catered to the pups every need and taught them all the important lessons in life like sharing and minding their manners. Macy loves people, all people, big people, little people, old people, young people! She loves to play fetch and has mastered most of her basic commands. She has lived with other dogs and cats but of course we would do a meet and greet if you have another dog in your home. Macy's favourite thing in life is love, and as much as she can soak in whatever you love you give her trust us she gives back way more than she takes.

Macy is currently enrolled in a Good Manners dog class and is learning new things every week. We may be a little prejudice, but we think she will graduate "top dog" in class!

Mia - 1 1/2 year old spayed female Shepherd/Pyrenees

Miss Mia is a sweet girl who loves to play with other dogs and is okay with cats. She is working with our dog behaviourist on her impulse control and controlling her exuberance when meeting people and other dogs. She will be available for adoption soon.

Piper - young adult female pitbull approx. 39 lbs.

Piper is a sweet, silly girl who loves to play and we are so happy that she is back to her old self. Piper was a happy go lucky girl when she first came to us and then all of a sudden her health took a dramatic turn. After many tests and x-rays we discovered she needed emergency surgery to remove a corn cob that had become lodged in her small inte...stine. She came in stray and who knows where she found the corn cob, but we are so happy that our vets were able to catch it in time! The cost to save Piper's life was in excess of $1700, that does not include the cost of her spay. As a result of her exceptional pre-adoption medical care Piper's adoption fee will be $200 + a $500 donation to our medical fund (with an income tax receipt provided).

Chewy - 5 year old neutered male Lab cross.

This guy is such a cuddle bug it was impossible to get his picture not sitting on Toni's lap! All Chewy is looking for is a little love. He was surrendered to us when his family could no longer care for him. He has lived with another dog and we aren't too sure about cats. If you are not petting Chewy he will sidle up to you and casually lean against you, he loves to be near people as much as possible. Chewy and Sasha were surrendered together and as fabulous as it would be for them to be adopted together, we know that may not be possible.

Gunner - 5-6 month old neutered male Pyrenees

This little guy is such a sweety. He loves people and cuddle time. Gunner is still a puppy and is at that adorable gangly stage. We love watching him romp around his kennel and we are certain he is going to steal more than a few hearts.

Twist - 8 year old neutered male Heeler Cross approx. 80 lbs.

Twist was surrendered to us when his owner passed away. This guy is a wee bit over weight and would benefit from some gentle exercise and weight loss food until he hits his target weight. He loves to play fetch, or as he calls it, "This is my ball thanks!" as once he has it you will need a second ball to get the first one back!

Riddick- Young Adult, Neutered Male, Shep x, Approx. weight 74lbs.

Riddick has one of the shiniest black coats we've seen in a long time and beautiful white teeth to match. We're not 100% sure exactly how old he is but with the amount of energy and his enthusiasm for life, he can't be too old. He has a zest for life and loves every human he meets. When you love people as much as Riddick does it is hard to control your excitement when you see them. If you are looking for a running/hiking partner Riddick would love to join you as you explore the world together.

Squeak - young adult male Corgi/Husky Cross Approx. weight 38 lbs.

Squeak is currently on trial, please check back!

Can you guess what Squeak's favourite toy is? If you guessed squeaky toy you are right! This guy is still a puppy at heart and wants nothing more than to have a friend to play with. He likes to talk to everyone who passes by and if you stop you can bet he is running to grab his squeaky toy to try and convince you to toss it a time or two or maybe twenty! With the legs of a corgi and a body of a husky you are sure to have one of the most unique looking dogs in your neighbourhood.

Marlee - adult neutered male Pitbull Terrier Cross

This handsome fella is crazy for his toys! He loves himself a squeaky toy, a tug rope, a ball, a stuffy, you get the picture, they haven't made a dog toy this guy doesn't LOVE. We aren't saying he is a hoarder but...he does love to collect all of his toys and keep them tucked up in his dog house so he can play with whichever one suits his fancy at the moment. Marlee certainly has manners and he knows the importance of sharing and doesn't mind sharing with us as long as we promise to toss the toys a few times for him.

Cecilia - Adult Spayed Female Dutch Shepherd Cross Approx. weight 72 lbs.

Cecilia you're breaking our hearts! This girl is a little unsure when she first meets new people but once she gets to know you she is as loyal as they come. Cecilia is a spayed adult female shepherd cross approximately 3 years old. She is energetic and loving and would benefit from an active family who like to take her out for daily walks, runs are even better. She is attentive and eager to learn, who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?! Cecilia would do best in a home where she is the only pet and really with a girl as beautiful as our Cecilia, who needs another pet?

Hannah - young adult spayed female husky/lab. Approx. weight 50 lbs.

Hannah is currently on trial, please check back!!

Look at that face! Such a happy little girl. Hannah loves people and is very gentle. We love how her ears bounce up and down with each step she takes. Hannah is new to us and we are just getting to know her and working with her on her basic commands. If you are looking to add a little sunshine to your life look no further, Hannah is the girl for you.

Ryker - 1 yr. old Neutered Male Pitbull cross Approx. weight 93 lbs.

Ryker is a young adult approximately 1 year old. This guy is HANDSOME and he knows it! He is currently working with our dog behaviourist on his impulse control and learning to keep all 4 on the floor. Ryker is ready for adoption. Ryker will be placed in a home that understands the importance of continuing on with the training we have in place for him.

Bella - 1 1/2 year old spayed female lab, approx. 57 lbs.

Miss Bella was surrendered to us so we know that she is good with kids, cats and other dogs. She is a little timid when first meeting new people but warms up quickly. As a young lab she has lots of energy, loves people and is extremely loyal.

Roddy - adult male lab cross, approx. 56 lbs.

Roddy is currently out on trial, please check back.

Roddy is a very quiet, well mannered boy. At first he is a little shy but quickly warms up and shows off his silly side. Have a tug toy? Roddy would love to play with you! Don't have time to play right now? Roddy doesn't mind, he can toss it around by himself. This gentle boy will make a wonderful addition to any family.

Jazz - 8 month old neutered male Pitbull Terrier Cross.

This adorable guy was surrendered to us as the older couple weren't quite prepared for all of the energy that comes with a puppy. He is social with other dogs and went almost daily to the off leash dog park. Jazz also lived in a house with cats and while they didn't always enjoy his enthusiam he did well with them. He has mastered most of his basic commands and his vaccinations are completely up to date, including his rabies shot.

Shaq- Adult, Neutered Male, Husky/Shep x, Approx. weight 66 lbs.

Shaq is currently out on trial, please check back.

The Shaq Attack has returned from being on trial and although it did not work out he is keeping his head held high! This gentle giant loves being with people and belly rubs are his absolute favorite past time. He also very much enjoys the great outdoors! He is not so sure about spending time in the house alone.

April - Young Adult, Spayed Female, Shepherd x, Approx weight 43 lbs.

April is currently out on trial, please check back.

Miss April is sugar and spice and everything nice! She is young, sweet, eager to please and seemingly good with other dogs and cats, she has all the key qualities to make a wonderful family member. April would make a wonderful walking/running partner and an even better best friend!

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