3-5 yr. old, neutered male, heeler x, 43 lbs.

Your new grain farm hand is ready to go! Eeyore is confident, independent and trustworthy. This boy has shown confidence in every situation we have place him in. He is comfortable around large equipment such as semis trucks, grain trucks and school buses and any other large equipment.

 Eeyore is friendly and confident around dogs, while his interest to romp around and play is low, his manners are excellent. Eeyore loves people but is very independent in regards to his need for affection. He enjoys a good cuddle but he isn't one of those dogs that is constantly nudging you for attention. This boy would much rather follow you around the homestead or join you on a trip to town, rather than stay home and be a couch potato. Eeyore is an ideal working person's sidekick, and he loves his work!

 Trustworthy with people of all ages, Eeyore's gentle demeanor and excellent manners make him a good fit for any family. He seems to have a healthy respect for cats and just moves past them when they are still. There is nothing more Eeyore would love than joining you for your daily round of chores and then relaxing at your feet after a productive day!