Barn Buddies Adoption Program

The Moose Jaw Humane Society is offering a program that gives “forgotten” cats the chance to live as mousers in selected farms, barns, or shop situations. Adopting a barn cat can be a mutually beneficial relationship, you will be saving the life of a healthy cat and they in turn will help scare off small, pesky rodents!

Only certain cats are eligible for this program, so it is always subject to availability. Long-haired felines or those who have only lived indoors as house cats cannot be sent to farms. We require that our Barn Buddies have a safe environment. You must have a protective enclosure for the cat to easily enter. You must be willing to feed the cat each day; these animals cannot be expected to live on what they may or may not catch. Before adoption these cats will have received a health check and vaccinations.

Donations of any amount are always appreciated, however, the barn buddies cats will be available for a minimum donation of $10 per cat to individuals who offer them the opportunity to live in a rural, farm, or shop environment.

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